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Covenant Eyes is an Internet accountability and filtering program
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Guest It's for people who want to help dealing with their use. Any. It brings in people who are committed to kicking you but should you get started (again.) I find it's a help for reminding me, my family is going to look at the list. I want to be good with them again. This is where I started and am glad. I can't speak for the freeware. My subscription is from their home site. ~100 a year.

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Guest After installing free software, my net is not working.

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vinaur One way to disable VAIO update from starting up at boot is through Task Scheduler. On the current system that I am using (Windows 7 on VAIO VPCEB), VAIO update cannot be disabled through update settings (or at least i did not find a way to do it). Instead go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Schedule Tasks -> Task Scheduler Library -> Sony -> VAIO Update. Disable the VAIO update task that is set to run at log on.

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Guest High integrity

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Stephen Raftery I am not sure if your reviewer thinks that CE is a good or a bad thing!
The program works entirely at the user's request and with his consent - in fact you have to subscribe for it to work at all.
The purpose of the program is to help people who have struggles with internet-based addictions, usually to porn but also to gambling and other problems. It does the same as Alcoholics Anonymous does, only it does it online.
I subscribe to the program, and load it onto my computer. The program sits there and simply logs the URL of all my internet browsing, and every week it sends a copy of my log to a trusted friend whom I respect, and who is prepared to challenge me if I am visiting sites that I should not.
So it is not quite true to say that the program stabs me in the back: I use it so that I do not browse the net in secrecy. If my wife were in the room with me, I wouldn't go to visit With CE running, it is as though I have a good friend in theroom with me all the time, and it helps me avoid things that are not good.


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